Space Shuttle Discovery Desktop (Small)

The Discovery Space Shuttle is well known due to its deployment of NASA�s Hubble Space Telescope, which, until now, continues to bring us out-of-this-world photos of the universe that give us a glimpse of the world out there. It is a well-traveled spacecraft with 39 flights under its belt ever since it first went into space. It outshines every other orbiter in NASA�s fleet in number of lights completed. On April 17, 2012, while riding on the back of a modified 747 jet aircraft, the Discovery Space Shuttle toured over the Washington, D.C. area in its historic final voyage. Everyone dreams of the opportunity to explore outer space. Ever since man first stepped on the moon, hundreds of kids, even adults, have dreamed of being a part of space discovery and exploration missions. Now you can have the next best thing with this Discovery Space Shuttle with SRB model spacecraft. A faithful and high-quality replica of the Discovery Space Shuttle, this collectible space shuttle scale model more than makes up for your lack of experience in the field of space exploration. If you�ve been to outer space, on the other hand, this display piece can serve as a beautiful reminder of the limitless possibilities symbolized by the seemingly limitless cosmos you once explored.